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Enhancing the self-esteem & happiness of children

Delivering happiness, enjoyment, self-esteem, personal development, security and memories.

DCHC is a charity which was established in 1891 to provide disadvantaged Derbyshire children with holidays in Skegness, Lincolnshire. At the present time it provides 450 holiday places per season.

The residential experience provides endless opportunity for contributing to the personal and social development of the children, especially making it clear to them that they are accepted as worthwhile individuals. The development of the children's self-esteem, attitudes and behaviour can be significant during the period.

Opportunities for personal development are created for the children, whatever their strengths and abilities. For many children the relationships gained remain with them throughout their lives.


Giving Websites supporting DCHC

Lots of friends of DCHC give their time doing some great and adventurous things.

Please show your support for these truly wonderful individuals and visit their sites to learn of the many varied ways they enjoy themselves whilst ensuring the well being of the centre.

Just click the links to view.

Pen Sevier: Walk The Test Way

 Leigh Timmis : Circumnavigation of the world by bicycle (3 years)

If you also wish to plan an event please contact David Harris the DCHC Fundraising Officer on 01332 781821 or email him on: funding@dchc.org.uk  

Shirley Meynells Skydive Adventure

You're never too old to do silly things! That's what I'm always telling my grandchildren - and now I’ve proved it to them by doing a sky dive at the age of 79.

I've never done anything risky in my life and I felt like doing something different for my 80th birthday. But I couldn’t wait that long so I jumped out of an aeroplane on Saturday, 10th November, 2012, shortly after my 79th birthday.

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Newsletter Issue 2

This year 456 holidays have been provided for disadvantaged Derbyshire Children, resulting in countless smiles, laughs and memories, and it's all thanks to you!

Please click on the image to the left or here and read about some of the great things that have happened this year.








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