Upcoming Events

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ASDA bucket collection

30 September 2017

We are again collecting at ASDA Spondon, packing bags in return for donations from shoppers.

We are always grateful of any support you can give, for an hour or two.

 If you can spare the time to help, please call us on 01332 345424 or email admin@dchc.org.uk

Ballroom and sequence dance at the Rolls Royce Pavilion

22 September 2017

We are holding a ballroom and sequence dance at the Rolls Royce Pavilion on September 22nd, 8-10pm.


Bucket collection at ASDA Spondon - all hands welcome!

30 September 2017

If you can spare an hour or so to help us raise money, we have a bucket collection at Asda Spondon on 30th September, and we would be extremely grateful for your support.


NOT the nine lessons and carols!

25 November 2017

Join us for a bit of irreverence on November 25th for Not the Nine Lessons and Carols, at St Clements Church, Horsley, DE21 5BR at 7.30pm. 


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