Derbyshire Children's Holiday Centre

Giving the children of Derbyshire a break

Delivering happiness, enjoyment, self-esteem, personal development, security and memories.

DCHC is a charity which was established in 1891 to provide Derbyshire children having troubles in their home lives with a holiday in Skegness, Lincolnshire. At the present time it provides 660 holiday places per season.

The residential experience provides endless opportunity for contributing to the personal and social development of the children, especially making it clear to them that they are accepted as worthwhile individuals. The development of the children's self-esteem, attitudes and behaviour can be significant during the period.

Opportunities for personal development are created for the children, whatever their strengths and abilities. For many children the relationships gained remain with them throughout their lives.

2016 - Celebrating 125 Years

In 2016, DCHC was incredibly proud to celebrate 125 years helping the children of Derbyshire. To mark the anniversary we organised a series of special events throughout the year, more of which can be found on our anniversary page

The incredible work done by our staff and supporters helped raise enough money to achieve our primary aim - to be able to increase the number of holidays we offer from 450 a year to 660, which meets the current demand and also puts the Centre at capacity.

We couldn't have done it without you, but in many ways the hard work is only just starting, because we need to continue to hit that target every year to ensure that we can help as many children as possible. 

So please continue to support us - your help is invaluable and so very much appreciated by us and by the children.



July 2018: 

Vacancies exist for Home Visitors (HVs) working, in a voluntary capacity from the Derby office.

The position calls for an applicant to have a sense of social responsibility and an awareness of needs within the community for those whose current situations are difficult.

Children are recommended to the charity for a holiday when circumstances will prevent their having a break and respite from difficult situations in their daily lives.

The charity has to ensure that the needs of children can be met whilst the child is within its care.

To ascertain these requirements every child’s parents/guardians are visited by Home Visitors who undertake an interview covering dietary, medical and cultural needs and to obtain permissions for the care of the child at the Centre.

That information is then processed by the team in the office to progress the holiday reservation for the child. 

For further information or apply or please contact: David Dent, CEO,







Case Studies

  • The Child
    Casey is a bright and spirited 9 year old little girl, who despite having cerebral palsy and epilepsy, is always cheerful and helpful to those around her.She is one of...
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  • The Parent
    My daughter Bryony went to the Centre earlier this year and returned full of joy and enthusiasm. She was talking non-stop and has already said that when she gets older she would like to do her work experience there.
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Sheena Janes, Community Investment, Rolls Royce

"As part of the Rolls-Royce Community Investment Strategy, making a difference in the communities in which we operate, we have supported the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre. The work the Centre does with the children and the experiences they have at the Centre make a real difference.”

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