APRIL 2022 A message from the Chairman.             

After two years of the Covid pandemic I’m delighted to report that our children are once again enjoying our holiday centre in Skegness. Over these difficult two years we have been grateful for your continued support to our charity – it has meant a great deal to us.

As I have said before the “ Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre “ ( DCHC ) would not exist without the enduring commitment of its Trustees, supporters,  partners, volunteers, and staff. The DCHC is a family working together to provide a smile on the face of our children, and last year the charity celebrated 130 years of achieving just that !

The DCHC is in existence to provide sea side holidays in Skegness for the children of Derbyshire. I’m delighted that once again our children are walking the sands of Skegness. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE DERBYSHIRE CHILDREN’S HOLIDAY CENTRE.

Very Best Wishes,

Alan Grimadell   Chairman  DCHC.