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As part of his preparations for the London Marathon at the end of the month, Andrew Lowe took pupils from one of our partner schools, Firs School in Derby, on their first Daily Mile. To help promote a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of exercise, Andrew led 120 pupils around the playground for 15 minutes.

Andrew said: “It was great to help the children and we had loads of fun jogging round the playground. The Daily Mile is a fantastic idea to get children exercising; and a lot easier than the daily 26 miles I’ve got coming up! They seemed to have a great time – although one or two looked exhausted by the end!”

With less than a month to go, Andrew has still got some hard miles to run in his marathon training, especially after a setback caused by picking up a nasty cold, which prevented him from doing one of his long runs two days before his visit to Firs School.

He said: “I was an 18-miler but I got to about 5 miles and simply couldn’t go on. But hopefully I’m over it, can now get the energy back in my legs and crack on.”