Text DCHCMILLION to 70085 to donate £4 a month

Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre, one of the county’s oldest charities, today invites you to become One in a Million as it continues its preparation to re-open following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The charity provides disadvantaged children from across Derbyshire a five-day holiday at the seaside, at its specialist co-educational centre in Skegness.


There, the children, many of whom have never had a holiday or even seen the sea, have all the fun of a break in a structured and learning environment, helping with their self-confidence and life skills, and making friends and memories that last a lifetime.

The Centre, known to many down the years as Skeggy Home, relies solely on public donation and like many charities has suffered hugely over the last eight months.

There are one million residents in Derbyshire, and by becoming One in a Million we are asking you to donate £4 a month to help the Centre and the children and schools for whom it provides such a valuable service to.


Alan Grimadell, who took over as Chairman of DCHC in August, said: “There are children in all of our communities who need our help on a daily and weekly basis by providing them with a break, a chance to see the sea, spend time in a new environment and make new friends.

“Often these children have never had a holiday and would not experience what so many of us take for granted. You can’t put a price on the smiles we see on their faces, but £4 a month can really help do just that – put a smile on the face of a child.

“It feeds a child for a day, or pays for a trip bowling or to the circus – for many of the children it’s a whole new world of experience, and the benefit to them can be huge. But we need your help so we can keep helping them.”

It’s easy to donate – text DCHCMILLION to 70085 – and begin helping a Derbyshire child straight away.