The Child

Casey is a bright and spirited 9 year old little girl, who despite having cerebral palsy and epilepsy, is always cheerful and helpful to those around her.

She is one of four children, one of whom she is particularly close too, also has challenging health problems.  Mum is a single parent, who despite having to keep and care for her family in difficult and very constrained circumstances remains caring and loving throughout all the problems and difficulties the family face.

Casey, walks over a mile to school every day which is a very long way, particularly when you are wearing a helmet and using a walking aid.  She enjoys life with a group of friends joining their activities with the happy, cheerful spirit that embraces her attitude to life.

Until this summer she had never been outside the boundaries of her own town or spent any time at all away from her family.

Then she was invited to have a holiday at the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre.

This is her story:

I was worried about going to Skegness at first as I had ever been anywhere without my mum, brothers and sisters and I didn’t really know anyone else that was going.

When we got there the staff were really nice and made me feel really welcome. There were 12 of us on the mini bus and I made friends with a really nice girl who I still speak to, hopefully we will get to see each other again one day.

We did loads of things when we were there; we went to the beach which was amazing and we went to two different fairs, my favourite was the one at Butlins! We went to Fairy Dell which is an outside pool which was really good fun and you could play around in the sprinklers; we also went swimming at another local pool which was good too.

My favourite part was the disco on the Thursday, I wish we could have had one every night but we would probably of been too tired! There is a games room at the centre where you could chill out and play games and go on the Wii.

I was able to take part in all of the activities, despite using my wheel chair. Even though I missed my family I’m really glad I went and I miss my friends and staff from the centre loads.

Now I have my younger brothers and sisters keep asking me when they can go now!



*the names of the children have been changed to protect their identity.

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