Co-Treetment and The Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre which was in the Derby Telegraph (originally posted by Penguin PR which was written by Lucy Stephens) at Co-Treetment we are proud to have created this collaboration – because it shows how a few people can, if they want to, create ways that make a difference.

Currently, the collaboration is running well, we have received from a number of customers purchase requests that now total 46 trees, so £230 for the charity. This is fantastic and puts us at 50% of the target we have set of £460 (91 trees) as it costs today £454 to send one child for a week to the Skegness Holiday Centre.

So it looks like it’s an achievable target to reach, and we very much hope you’ll join us in our commitment to make a difference. We will continue to keep you appraised of the progress we make along the way, and will continue to plant trees in our growing woodland to help in leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

How can you help in making this collaboration a success?

It couldn’t be easier, if you want to help in the funding of a child so they can go to the holiday centre in Skegness whilst helping the environment then visit the Co-Treetment website shop page which is here

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