Frequently Asked Questions

Who comes to the Centre?

We accept Derbyshire boys and girls of all backgrounds, race, creed, colour, ethnic or national origin, who come from families experiencing difficulties and are aged between 7 – 13 years.

Who qualifies for a holiday?

The Trustees consider providing a holiday break in the following circumstances:

  • Financial constraints which will restrict a child's chances of having a holiday within the following 12 months.
  • The situation at home is such that a short break away from the home environment would be beneficial to the child. This includes respite for the child who is a carer themselves.
  • A break for the child would help the parents/carers to provide an improved environment at home.
  • Special circumstances are creating difficulties at home (for example, parents’ divorce, bereavement).

How do I apply?

Referrals must come in a written form through a member of the professional services - the head teacher of the child you wish to be considered, or a social worker or doctor for example. If you think your child meets the criteria, speak to us for further guidance or talk to your child’s head teacher.

Who looks after the children?

The Centre management team is led by the Centre Manager, who has many years of child care experience. She leads two care teams together with house and domestic staff. The staff take pride in the Centre and the quality of the experience it offers to the children. Due to the small size of each group, staff members are able to provide a very high level of care, being on hand to provide guidance and reassurance 24 hours a day with the safety of the children being of paramount importance to all members of staff.

How do the children travel to Skegness?

The children travel by the DCHC minibus to and from Skegness weekly, accompanied on both journeys by Centre staff.   The weekly pick up points are from pre-arranged county wide locations, to ensure that children throughout Derbyshire have the opportunity of a holiday at the Centre.

The minibus, which is also used for all external activities, covers all Health & Safety requirements and is operated by members of staff inducted into all Health & Safety and emergency procedures. The vehicle is equipped to maintain contact with the centre and emergency services.

What kind of food is provided?

We provide a large variety of meals with a balanced nutritional diet which we know children usually enjoy. Mealtimes are an important part of each day's events. We do, of course, provide meals for children needing special diets and for children with cultural and/or religious requirements.  Halal food for instance.

Making A Difference - How can I Help?

The Centre needs to raise over £400,000 every year to keep providing the holidays that make such a difference to children who are experiencing difficulties in their home lives.  It is your support that enables the Trust to maintain and fund the current holiday programme for the 660 children who attend.

To support the Centre and to help meet our needs your support is vital.

How To Donate

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