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We believe that every young person deserves the right to feel the joys and freedoms of childhood, but sadly that isn’t the case for everyone.

Every penny donated goes into giving a child a holiday they would otherwise not have, and providing them with a week of fun, learning and relaxation in a secure and supportive environment. Each holiday costs approximately £336 to fund.

DCHC survives on the kind donations that allow us to keep the Centre running and provide 660 holidays per season to children. We would like to offer more, and do more, but we are solely reliant on the donations we receive.

There are lots of ways you can help, but the most effective way to ensure the Centre can plan for the future is a regular donation. A monthly gift of only £5 is enough to make a real difference to a child’s life.

Of course you can give more; every penny is vital and will be used to benefit the children. And if you are a UK taxpayer, gift aiding your donation allows us to reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift at no extra cost to you – adding an extra 25p onto every £1 you give. Please click on, print and fill in the relevant part of the Gift Aid Declaration and Standing Order forms.pdf and send to us.

Regular giving through standing order ensures that every penny of your donation goes straight into helping youngsters have a well-deserved break.

It isn't just money though that you can help with - good condition toys, or books, or your time at an event or to help fundraise are also really valuable ways of helping the children.



The 450 club

The 450 Club is a group of very special individuals or organisations who are prepared to sponsor the holiday of one of our children each year, on a regular basis. With a monthly donation of only £27.50 which, if you are a tax payer and have provided a Gift Aid Declaration to us, will reduce to £22.00 per month.  Then after DCHC has reclaimed the tax in total your annual gift of £330.00 will pay for a child’s holiday and enrol you as a member of the 450 Club.

450 Club members receive a letter from a child who has enjoyed a break at the Centre, sent through the Trust Secretary, and an annual update from DCHC detailing the successes of the Centre and how the children who have been had benefited and enjoyed themselves. If you would like your letter to arrive on a particular month (perhaps in commemoration of a special person or event), then please let us know.

You can of course donate by hand, by sending a cheque payable to:

Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre,
Po Box 8204
Derby DE1 9NX.

For more information call us on 01332 345424.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of any charity and as valuable as a financial donation, and if you speak to people who already volunteer, they will tell you that they do it because they love it.

Whether it’s a few hours or days that you can spare, giving some time to DCHC will ensure you will be helping children who are experiencing a difficult life have some fun, gain new skills and meet new friends.

There is always lots to do right across the spectrum of running DCHC, and we are always after enthusiastic, talented, friendly people to join us.

So if you can spare some time, give us a call on 01332 345424 to find out how you can help. We will thank you, but not as much as the children you will be helping.

Leave a legacy: In memoriam.

You can leave a legacy in your will. You do not have to be well off and doubtless you may want to look after your loved ones’ first. But anything you leave in a legacy will go directly into helping a child have a holiday. It is the perfect gift. Below are different types of legacy, but for more information or advice on how to leave for DCHC please contact us at or call us on 01332 345424.

Legacies typically fall into the following categories:

A Pecuniary legacy (a fixed sum on money). This is often the most obvious and easy option, but it is worth remembering that with inflation the actual value of your gift might be less than you intended. An index-linked legacy can help.

A Residuary legacy. This is where you leave a set proportion of your estate (or all that’s left) to charity after all other beneficiaries are taken care of and bills and taxes paid.

A Specific legacy. This is a gift of a definable object, usually land, property, jewellery or shares, but can be anything.

A Memoriam gift. You may wish for a plate collection by your friends and colleagues at the time of your passing to be donated by DCHC.

A Reversionary gift. When DCHC do not receive your legacy until another person who has the benefit of your estate whilst they are alive has passed away.



Before you decide on which is the best option, we advise that you talk to a solicitor.

For more advice on leaving a legacy to DCHC, contact us on 01332 345424.

Ways to donate



Brian Walker, Head Teacher, West Park School, Derby

Many of us have little comprehension of life without at least a few days holiday.  The disadvantaged young people they cater for are given experiences which literally last a lifetime.  They learn how to enjoy themselves in an independent yet very structured setting where they have to get on sensitively and co-operatively with others.
Furthermore, what cannot be properly measured is the massive benefit to parents of the respite they enjoy from their child!

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